7IM Private Client: Turning complexity into common sense



Seven Investment Management (7IM) is one of many wealth management companies that has historically provided their services through intermediaries. It is a sector whose communication is characterised by impenetrable jargon. Wealth managers have started to develop propositions direct to private clients, however, many continue to use their industry language, talk more about themselves, and fall foul of stereotypical visual clichés to represent wealth. 7IM had developed a private client offer but wanted to avoid what they believed, and research validated, were the pitfalls others had fallen into.



The research we undertook had confirmed the desire for communications to be prepared to take a bold stance and be unashamedly distinctive. There was a real opportunity to buck the trend by taking an unapologetically anti-marketing stance. Therefore, success relied on developing a very different tone of voice and visual approach. We introduced a new take on the 7IM brand colour palette, elevating the bold colours to a primary role. They were used as a solid background to ‘black and white’ messaging and imagery – literally and figuratively – underlining 7IM’s unique take on making everything simple. Conceptual imagery and illustration were used to support the messaging and inject some gentle humour. Distinctive and natural people photography emphasised their human side.



“The new 7IM brand has been hugely successful in signalling an offering that private clients feel was developed specifically for them. The visual impact of the brand speaks for itself offering a bold yet highly credible alternative to the plethora of lookalike competitors that inhabit our marketplace. Frank, Bright & Abel have evolved our private client identity so it adds to, rather than detracts from, the strength of the 7IM master brand.”

Jane Routledge, Head of Marketing, 7IM



Transform Awards Europe 2019
Best use of copy style/tone of voice – Bronze
Best development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio – Bronze
Best external stakeholder relations during a brand development project – Highly commended

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