CIPD: Championing better work and working lives



The world is changing and so is the world of HR, which has so much more to offer businesses beyond the limited stereotype of hiring and firing. As the global leading HR, learning and development Chartered membership organisation, CIPD recognised this. Repositioning their core purpose to ‘championing better work and working lives’ and restructuring the organisation around this, heralded a strategic change that places HR firmly in the Boardroom. It also reinforces CIPD as the voice and promoter of dialogue for the sector as a whole. Delivering this not only required significant operational change but a fundamental review of the brand and how the brand works across a mind-boggling array of channels, media, products and services.



Change was not taken lightly and recommendations resulted from a comprehensive research, and engagement process. This informed the brand development and its successful implementation. Messaging was developed to explain ‘championing better work and working lives’ and what it means to different audience groups. Tone of voice principles were developed to ensure the copy content style reflected the brand. Training ensured the right skills were in place to deliver it. The new visual brand has extraordinary flex whilst maintaining its focus on the messaging. This was achieved through a family of logos with hidden speech bubbles, and a visual language that reflects dialogue, and its impact, in abstract graphic devices, patterns, typography and very real photography. The approach empowered the CIPD team to own the results and champion the brand.



“I wanted to say a massive thanks for your guidance and creativity. We have an amazing brand now which has been received so positively by staff and members. We did a little sneak preview to our social media advocates yesterday as we wanted them to share the word on Monday. They loved it!”

Jenny Lynch, Head of Brand, CIPD



REBRAND 100® Global Awards 2016
Human Resources, Personnel, Professional Associations – Merit

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