EFF: Making the invisible visible



EFF (European Flavours & Fragrances) is a UK based multinational that creates original fragrances and flavours to enhance every kind of product from luxury perfumes to everyday consumer brands. Following 10 years of growth our brief was to define the brand and create an impactful visual identity that reflects EFF’s status as one of the top global companies in the sector. We created a strategic positioning that articulates the compelling truth behind why EFF exists – to create the invisible ingredients that make all the difference. The creative challenge was to visually represent and communicate the ‘invisible’.



The solution is a simple, clean, cut out logo that becomes a window into the world of EFF. The invisible becomes visible as stunning and distinctive photographic images pass behind it, offering a glimpse into the intangible and rich sensory world of fragrance and flavour. It’s a flexible, contemporary logo – chameleon in character – that reflects all aspects of the business. There are six photographic images that each tell a different story. Bright blue orchids, vivid ‘heady’ pink roses and an abstract array of exotic spices communicate EFF’s fragrance offer whilst a palette of zesty lemons, richly red summer fruits and verdant green herbs define the flavour arm of the business.



“Transforming our organisations’ brand with flavours and fragrances is a complex concept to communicate. Frank, Bright & Abel has created and implemented a brand that makes the intangible tangible, and does so with individuality, spirit and a great deal of credibility. This will help us take our successful business to the next level.”

Spencer Kersey, Director, EFF



Transform Awards Europe 2016
Best use of a visual property – Silver
Best visual identity from the industrial and basic sector – Silver

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