Flagship Group: Doing things right



The landscape of social housing has changed dramatically over the last few years. Flagship – one of the UK’s foremost housing organisations – provides homes across the East of England, and has a strong presence maintaining homes and supporting the communities they’re part of. Flagship had a new corporate plan and needed to align their brand to it ensuring it is fit for purpose for customers, partners, employees and investors.



A revised brand architecture and renaming gave clarity to the organisational structure, which the new suite of logos reflected. A clear statement of intent, ‘Doing things right’ played directly into the messaging and was reflected in a simple, direct look and feel. Flexibility in the system ensured stretch over the three brands.



“FBA were thorough, creative and engaging; immersing themselves in our business to truly understand our objectives, scope and the different audiences. Great to work with – they understand how important it is to deliver the right results. The result for us: a cohesive brand with a clean look that is much sharper, a great platform for growth of brand whilst encompassing what we stand for today, and the messaging and tone of voice has more impact.”

Lorna Blackmore, Director of Communications, Flagship Group