IEMA: Transforming the world to sustainability



The new CEO at IEMA consulted stakeholders internally and externally to inform the future shape and purpose of the organisation. It was decided that IEMA needed to service the broader community of ‘sustainability’ professionals in addition to the existing ‘environment’ professional membership base. A considerable change in remit. Furthermore, it needed to provide ambitious, visionary leadership. A new brand narrative was needed to support an internal restructure and membership review. It would need to engage stakeholders and increasing clarity on the value of membership for individuals, businesses, students, and other groups. It would drive the recruitment of new members worldwide.



The institute’s new vision was rightly bold and ambitious. We saw that there was an opportunity to express this more overtly to stakeholders. “Transforming the world to sustainability” could become the much-needed passionate rallying-cry, to mobilise and involve the sector. Driven by the brand strategy, we introduced an authoritative typeface for the logo and the design uses lots of open white space with flashes of bright colour. We devised a graphical motif known as the ‘Horizon Line’, a consistent but flexible device that represents IEMA’s focus on the future. With integrated keyline icons, it provides a simple way of depicting complex dynamic processes in the world and a visual shorthand to explain what IEMA is about.



“Our new branding is a perfect allegory for everything about IEMA as we are now, and how we will work in the future.”

Tim Balcon, CEO, IEMA