The Institution of Engineering and Technology: Inspiring a better engineered world



The IET is one of the largest professional engineering institutions in the world with over 168,000 members across 150 countries. They exist to inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world. Following a recent brand review, the impact of what they do was not fully understood; they were considered to be unrepresentative of the diversity of current engineers; and they lacked appeal with future generations. Our brief was to make the brand more relevant, inclusive and distinctive without looking profligate, whilst retaining gravitas and familiarity with the existing brand.



The IET’s breadth and depth means they are uniquely placed to help their profession solve the challenges that matter and progress society. Everything they do has a positive impact in helping engineer a better world. This idea is at the heart of their brand and came to life through logotype, graphics and photography to tone of voice and messaging. The introduction of a more vibrant colour palette and flexible brand system means they can now tailor their communication to their different audiences. Engagement throughout was key. A series of qualitative consultative sessions with the executive team, employees, young engineers, the international community, and the trustees helped test and shape thinking. Quantitative testing with a broader membership base helped validate the final decision.



“We chose to work with Frank, Bright & Abel as they didn’t pitch a final solution, rather demonstrated insight and direction with a robust process that we needed. They were honest about what they could deliver for the budget and what they couldn’t. Our entire interaction with them has justified why we chose them. The rigour of their thinking has meant we’ve been able to explain and defend our decisions in what is a very consultative organisation. And their ability to turn strategy into workable creative has given us the platform to transform the IET moving forward. They have become a valuable partner to our business.”

Simon Timmis, Brand, Digital and Impact Marketing Lead, IET



Transform Awards Europe 2020
Best visual identity from the engineering and manufacturing sector – Silver

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