INTO University Partnerships: Delivering world advantage



A private company that connects international students with universities in the US, UK and China, INTO University Partnerships (IUP) has never been more relevant. However, communicating in their sector presents a number of challenges. First, audiences span students, prospective students, parents, agents and partner universities. Secondly, those audiences are spread across 3 continents. Finally, sufficient flexibility is required to span the demands of strategic and tactical communications, to support the partner university brand and communicating the strengths of IUP in its own right. A review of the student brand was required that delivered on all this, whilst changing the minimal number of existing brand elements.



Literally hundreds of stakeholders from 3 continents were involved in the initial consultation. This revealed a powerful point of difference: a unique understanding of and perspective on the needs of international education, and through this a unique knowledge of where and when to intervene, to leverage success. Messaging was developed to capture this, summarised as delivering ‘world advantage’ – a sentiment with international appeal. The visual brand was developed to reflect this with a series of graphic ‘trajectories of success’, which made tangible the intervention points where IUP supports students from making the decision to study, successfully progressing, graduating and making their mark in the world.



“Working with FBA brought clarity, focus and creativity to the complex task of managing the presentation of a brand that partners with a growing network of universities around the world. Their engagement with our stakeholders brought a fresh and dynamic approach to visual identity that was based upon genuine insight. We enjoyed working with FBA and have been able to move from initial concepts to rapid implementation with great ease and confidence.”

Alan Preece, Interim Chief Operating Office Europe and Director of Global Marketing, INTO University Partnerships