Konica Minolta: Defining a new global category



Konica Minolta is on a journey towards becoming the leading innovator of workplace technology. Workplace Hub is the first step and a category defining intelligent solution that makes collaborating between people, places and devices simple and intuitive. The technology is complex, and the sector is often presented as cold and dull. The challenge was to explain Workplace Hub in simple everyday language whilst making it look human and welcoming. The identity also had to link to the existing Konica Minolta brand whilst positioning the organisation for evolution. It also had to be developed in real time alongside the idea.



Workplace Hub is built around and adapts to human behaviour. This led to the core idea of IT on your terms, embodying the notion of people in control. The identity needed to express what the technology enables, not the technology itself. A bespoke photoshoot focused on users collaborating, irrespective of their workplace. Combining this with a clear and bold tone of voice and copy, iconography and an infographic, means the complex detail is explained in simple, human terms. Key to the success was global customer testing which informed the messaging and identity. So too was involving the global innovation and marketing teams to ensure the brand captured the vision for the idea and for Konica Minolta in general.



Workplace Hub was launched in Berlin to 160 global journalists. The brand has since been heralded by leading technology titles worldwide and has won several Transform Awards in Asia Pacific and Europe.

“The new brand for Workplace Hub has been highly successful in signalling a real step-change for Konica Minolta, whilst still adhering to our global guidelines. By creatively exploring where the brand could be stretched, without breaking it, Frank, Bright & Abel have developed a solution that is helping reposition us for the future.”

Stacey Sujeebun, Director of Marketing Communications, Konica Minolta Inc.


Award wins

Transform Awards Asia Pacific 2017
Best visual identity in the technology, media and telecommunications sector – Gold
Best development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio – Gold
Best use of copy style/tone of voice – Bronze
Best use of a visual property – Highly commended

Transform Awards Europe 2018
Best use of copy style/tone of voice – Bronze
Best development of a new brand within an existing brand portfolio – Highly commended

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