Lloyd’s of London: Underwriting the future



Lloyd’s of London has been synonymous with insurance for centuries. With growing competition from the East, it became opportune to reinforce that it remains the world’s global insurance market. To support this aim and deliver on the corporate plan, development of a suite of materials and initiatives were required, retaining the consistency defined in the brand guidelines, as well as delivering a powerful message in a new and memorable way. Achieving this demanded communicating complex data to make it more straightforward to comprehend, as well as reinforcing how interesting it truly is.



A style of infographics was developed to bring the data to life, applied to the strategic plan, a range of country brochures and a key event in China, highlighting the strengths of Lloyd’s of London in their top 10 markets across the world. Following research to define the insurable value of players in the World Cup, an alternative league table was developed. Good design and clever infographics lifted off the page what might have otherwise been dry information. It also made the information shareable and engaging for the Media to pick up on, which they did, from the BBC to The Telegraph.