Nesta: Building the world of tomorrow for today



300 years after the original, the Longitude Prize was to be re-launched to help solve the greatest challenges facing the world today. The public at large needed to vote, so a call to action was required to inspire men and women across the country. The scientific community needed to engage with the challenges, so a brand was required that was both compelling and credible. With a prize so high on the agenda of Government, the Media and the world at large, the work needed to be completed very quickly and very, very well.



The messaging was written as an anthem, with the spirit to inspire the nation. The call to action was hard to resist: build the world of tomorrow for today. The visual brand identity captured the ‘going beyond the stars’ principle of the original Longitude solution with a logo cut from the colours of a sunset viewed from Mars. The visual language echoed this, but also contained the colours, imagery and icons required to support the different scientific prize areas. All of this was achieved without compromising quality or integrity and in time for the Prize’s launch on BBC’s Horizon programme.



“Creating the right brand for our multi-million pound global prize was always going to be difficult. Adding the extra complications of an extremely tight deadline and the need to present to an audience millions strong raised the challenge to another level. Luckily for us Frank Bright & Abel were able to meet our brief and, by working flexibly and sharing our vision, help us to develop and deliver a brand that really hit the spot.”

Simon Morrison, Executive Director, Nesta


“Frank, Bright and Abel developed a visionary brand for Longitude Prize 2014 that was both worthy of its 300-year old history and inspiring to a new generation of innovators.”

Joshua Ryan-Saha, Nesta Longitude Prize – Assistant Manager