RSSB: Providing wisdom for a better railway



RSSB is the expert body tasked with maintaining safety and managing standards on the UK’s railways. Neither regulator nor membership association, it has an unusual but vital role in getting the rail industry to work together to create a better, safer railway. RSSB needed to communicate that their purpose was much broader than just safety and standards and that their initiatives were ‘by the industry, for the industry’.



As RSSB represents the rail industry working together, the proposition we developed was ‘collective wisdom for a better railway’. Visually the identity focused on varied elements coming together in different ways, around a central thought of ‘big picture, small detail’. Importantly the visual identity could not be seen as a departure from where they had been, more a progression. Therefore the colours were developed within a spectrum that was already familiar to RSSB and the logo was subtly re-drawn and crafted to add a feel of precision.



“FBA took a complex set of information and issues and developed a clear and accessible concept for RSSB. They worked closely with us to understand our needs and the needs of our audiences, translating a significant amount of technical background and detail into a succinct proposition statement. FBA produced an attractive, approachable and flexible identity for the organisation that can be used across all our communication channels.”

Chris Fenton, Chief Executive, RSSB