Seven Investment Management: Delivering radical common sense



An investment management firm with a well-developed sense of self, Seven Investment Management is different and so is its brand. However, adapting to the changing needs of the world and its clients, a sense check was required to ensure the brand remained salient. Knowing the cost as well as the value of everything, there was a need to engage the people who had so much ownership in the existing brand, as well as a requirement to maximise value and the quality of the results by reviewing the brand in application, as opposed to in the abstract.



By considering the existing basic elements it was also clear that far greater stretch could be gained whilst changing very little. The messaging was developed to capture the directness and straightforwardness that Seven Investment Management deliver so well in person. The messaging also breathed new life into an old principle they deliver by the spade full – radical common sense. A tone of voice was developed to introduce real character where appropriate. A logo update finally brought it in line with the more contemporary visual language, whilst the visual language was adjusted to better meet the demands of changing audiences and channels.



“Working with the Frank, Bright & Abel team is just what it should be – they get who we are and what we do and they have delivered a series of intelligent and engaging ways for us communicate that. Simply put, we enjoy working with them, they challenge us when they think they need to, equally they are pragmatic and practical too.”

Jane Routledge, Head of Marketing, 7IM