Telesys: Making data greater



A successful data networking business, Telesys was expanding into data storage. This places demands on the business and its communications. Messaging was required that not only explained both parts of the offer but also why one benefits the other. A new visual brand identity was needed to reinforce the message and up the ante. A campaign was essential to drive interest together with newly branded communications to satisfy that interest.



The messaging shorthand ‘making data greater’ not only explained what united all aspects of the proposition and its benefit to clients, it also provided a marketable strapline for the campaign launch. The symbol in the logo spelt out Telesys’ name in binary. The binary was also rendered into patterns for the wider visual language, a means of not only reinforcing Telesys is a data business but also that the choice of supplier is binary – it is (or should be) them every time. With a fast and expansive roll out online, offline, strategically and tactically, the success of the approach was tested and demonstrated immediately.


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