University of Leeds: Standing out in a crowd



The University of Leeds is a leading Russell Group university, one of the largest in the UK and top 100 in the world. Despite this, recent changes have made the sector more competitive. These include the increase of fees for domestic students and immigration reforms making the UK less attractive for international students. We were asked to develop a unifying concept that differentiated the university and showcased the key benefits of studying there. It needed to work for the university as a whole, despite the diversity of schools and subjects, with a 3-year shelf-life. We also had to inspire and engage the different student groups (undergraduates; postgraduate and international), and visually balance the prestige of being a Russell Group university with being forward-thinking.



The breadth and depth of the university was the unifying thought for the concept we developed. It means that students can become more rounded in a world that increasingly needs more rounded individuals. This is captured through the proposition: ‘Think Beyond’, and visually symbolised by the ‘Leeds portal’ – the graphic device at the heart of our concept. Paired with short and provocative copy, and inspirational imagery, it invites students to go above and beyond the ordinary. The visual approach was in tune with the existing brand but added much needed personality. This was achieved by a new visual system, brand narrative and tone of voice that moves the university into the future, whilst retaining close links with its current standing. The core idea was broad enough to apply throughout the university, and it informed the development and execution of the campaign.



“We tell our students that it’s the quality of the experience and the range of opportunities they get at Leeds that makes us different, and this cleverly conveys this unique experience across our brand touchpoints. Frank, Bright & Abel have managed to create an outstanding visual identity that both satisfies our broad internal team and appeals to our diverse student audience.”

Miranda Walters, Head of Marketing – Student Recruitment, University of Leeds



Transform Awards Europe 2019
Best visual identity in the education sector – Silver

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