Warwick Conferences: Believing that anything is possible



Warwick Conferences is the commercial conferencing arm of University of Warwick. While many of its clients come from the academic world, it needed to increase sales from corporate clients. University conference facilities can be seen as second best, but with new refurbishments and a substantial new build, this was anything but. Furthermore, the University to which it is attached to has a dynamic future-focused outlook. University of Warwick rebranded in 2014 and was promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with a narrative based on “What if”. This project needed to align Warwick Conferences with the University, to leverage its reputation, while retaining independence – a careful balance. But more than that, it needed to show that it understood business needs today and could lead the way in conferencing.



The research helped us to understand that businesses were looking for outcomes, not physical spaces. They need a facility that could enable success for their meeting or event. For each client this might be different, and the details can really make a difference. We introduced the core idea and strapline: “Anything is possible”, an inspiring promise. This would complement the University’s “What if” proposition while at the same time suggesting a new level of customisation. The new logo has a strong family connection with the University logo. Alongside this, we introduced four handwritten typefaces and a language of doodles. Inspired by note-taking, these core visual elements celebrate the idea of individuality, live conversations, and ideas.



The branding has inspired us to push boundaries and try new things within the market place, like purchasing a catering van which no other venue in the industry has. It’s given us a way to engage prospects in a new and innovative way.”

Warwick Conferences



Transform Awards Europe 2017
Best strategic/creative development of a new brand – Gold
Best use of a visual property – Silver
Best use of typography – Bronze
Best visual identity from the travel, leisure and tourism sector – Highly Commended
Best implementation of a brand development project – Highly Commended

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