University of Warwick: Considering what if



Higher education has never been more challenging. Though a significant player in domestic and global rankings, the University of Warwick has been hesitant to express its undoubted point of difference. Research demonstrated that even if entry requirements and league table positions are excellent, if a university’s story is unclear, then its audience will assume a less than flattering picture. And in a landscape where university rebrands are disguising the differences, Warwick was at risk of insufficiently leveraging the strength of what is becoming a true global brand.



A powerful academic and commercial reputation, it was crucial that the project had a strong and well evidenced strategic platform. The consultation and research programme revealed many examples of a university that activates what other universities merely talk about. So the new messaging headlined ‘What if’, using the subjunctive to paint a picture of infinite possibilities that are activated in Warwick. The unusual messaging produced a brief that demanded considerable visual brand change. The end result uses a graphic ‘window on Warwick’ to provide a view onto these infinite possibilities and a logo with the boldness, and brevity, that you would expect of such a single-minded institution.



“Working with Frank, Bright and Abel was a truly enjoyable experience. Their incisiveness and understanding of brand is exceptional and you can be reassured that when dealing with colleagues, at all levels, they will impress and convince. Their ability to ‘put their finger’ on the Warwick brand and creatively translate it was brilliant.”

Helen Pennack, Director of University Marketing at University of Warwick



REBRAND 100® Global Awards 2016
Educational Institutions, Colleges and Universities, Higher Learning – Distinction

Transform Awards Europe 2016
Best visual identity from the education sector – Highly Commended

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